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As a "mature" learner (almost 30 years old), I never thought I would enjoy driving a car as much as I do now. I passed in October 2009 on my first try.

Initially I picked 3 Point Turn after some research on the internet because they offered such good value for their lessons and I thought it might be nice to have a female driving instructor. Soon I found out that the lessons were not just good value, but also very good in quality.

Tina is very calm with a great sense of humour; she will push you when you need to be pushed and encourage you, be compassionate and take it easy when you are having a bad day. She will never shout at you and I have seen other instructors that do.

Tina explained the manoeuvres to me with really easy to remember markers on the curbs and the car. Even after passing I feel like reversing around corners for the fun of it , but I will miss having Tina in the car.