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As a very nervous student I had many concerns about pushing myself whilst driving. It took a long time for me to gain confidence and I still remember the day Tina finally got me to drive on the main road. We chose a bank holiday which meant it was a lot quieter and I could feel a lot more relaxed.

3 Point Turn and Tina knows how to deal with each person individually and helped me build my confidence in the car at my own pace. She always gave me the encouragement I needed to try and increase my confidence in the car and even though it took me a year to pass my test, I got there in the end with the support and guidance I needed.

Therefore I highly reccommend 3 Point Turn as Tina is very good at accomodating each person's needs and ensuring they become a brilliant driver at a pace they feel comfortable with. I am a prime example of this and can never thank her enough for the patience and understanding she gave me when learning.