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Tina has been a wonderful teacher, extremely patient and I was really pleased that she has a sense of humour as I found learning to drive quite stressful.

I passed first time, and this was thanks to Tina for being patient with me and allowing me to take my time in getting to grips with the manoeuvres. At the age of 27 I was very nervous starting to drive 10 years older then the other new learners and Tina easily adapted to my personality to make me feel at ease.

Tina allows you to make a mistake and to then learn from that which I found really useful in understanding how to drive and I am not sure all instructors would do this. I was also paranoid about having to parallel park my own car in a tiny one way street with small spaces and Tina was able to help me over come my lack of confidence.

I would recommend Tina to any one who wants to learn how to drive. She teaches along the test routes so the roads will be familar when you do your test which is a great benefit. Overall I found her lessons to be excellent value for money, particularly when buying block lessons.