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I would recommend Tina and 3 Point Turn to anyone who has little or no confidence in themselves or their driving skills. Previously I tried learn with a different instructor with a well known company and gave up after 8 lessons. Now, three years later, and realising that a driving licence is an essential commodity, I have started my lessons again and for nervous drivers like myself, Tina is a god send. My lessons are lighthearted, set at a pace that suits me and, quite often, utterly hilarious, which is exactly what I need.

Since learning to drive with Tina and 3 Point Turn, I have realised that with the right instructor and with the right approach it is possible for me to get the hang of driving. As this is my second attempt, it is good that Tina knows exactly how to deal with me. On those days where it feels like everything you have done is wrong, Tina has the patience and understanding to get you back on the road. She is excellent in building your confidence in your abilities and she makes me feel like I will one day be a perfectly competent driver.

As a cautious driver, I know that learning to drive will take me a little longer than most people, but I feel that I will achieve it and I cannot wait to become a capable and confident driver